Material Regulations - Certification Rules for IFF-marking of Floorball Equipment

SP, as an appointed certification body by IFF, can certify products for IFF mark. This certification means that the product fulfils technical requirements and that there is a subsequent surveillance. This is a short version. A full version is available for downloading in the right column.
Certification Rules

The certification rules herein specify the conditions for certification, technical requirements for floorball equipment.
The technical requirements are verified by testing in accordance with SP-method 1506.
The subsequent surveillance consists of testing of samples purchased on the open market or factory samples.


Certification means confirmation from an independent third party that a product meets the standard requirements, or the requirements of another form of specification. Certification at SP is handled by a separate department for testing and inspection   SP Certification. The department is subordinate to the certification board with representatives from concerned parties. Certification of products at SP is run in accordance with SS EN 45011.

The scope of the certification rules is solely intended for floorball equipment used for league play in accordance with IFF's rulebook. It contains technical requirements and procedures for subsequent surveillance.

If products, e.g. facemasks, are covered by other regulations, such as EU Directives, this will not be checked through this certification procedure.

Certification rules are based on applicable standards, but may be subject to review hence¬forth e.g. for adjustment to European or international standards. A review can also be legitimate if new regulations are introduced or as a result of new information gained from applying certification rules.

Certification rules and reviews of the rule will always be subject to approval of IFF.

This version replaces the previous version dated May 2012.

Borås, August 2013

SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute

Lennart Månsson
Head of SP Certification


Conditions for Certification of Floorball Equipment

Before the certificate can be issued, an initial assessment of the product is carried out and an agreement is drawn up with SP. Other conditions are outlined in chapter 5.
All corresponding related to testing and certification shall be done in written English.


Application for certification is to made in writing and should be accompanied by:
• technical data (test report, drawing etc.) according to section 1.3.1.
• declaration from the manufacturer that the in-house inspection will ensure that only products meeting the requirements will be placed on the market bearing the mark.
• proposal for marking according to section 1.3.2.
     (see appendix 4, Application form for certification).

Initial assessment

For the initial assessment, the received documents are checked against the requirements according to the rules. The certifi¬cate is issued thereafter.

Technical Data

The applicant is to provide technical data including a test report, drawing, product description, assembly instructions if required etc. These documents are to contain the following information:

Test report

The test report is to demonstrate that the technical requirements are met in accordance with chapter 2. The report should not be more than two years old on application


The main drawing with the dimensions specified by SP-method 1506 being the minimum.

Product description

Description of primary material content unless included in the drawing.

Assembly instructions

Required for sideboards, goals and facemasks.


Drawing, product description and assembly instructions are to be provided with name or number and with the date as well as latest audit date.


Marking is to contain the certification mark and name of the manufacturer as shown below. The name of the manufacturer can also be replaced by a logotype or product name.
Stick manufactures are allowed to print the certification mark as a part of the Brand name / Model name sticker / print, see point
The certification mark's type and placement for each product type is to be in line with the following:

 Stick  sticker on the shaft of the stick, between the grip binding and shaft / blade
  attachment point.
 Blade  embossed mark on the blade's surface.
 Ball  embossed mark on the ball's surface.
 Goals  sticker around the goal crossbar.
 Rink  sticker on the back of each sideboard section.
 Facemask  sticker on the inside or outside. (other requisite markings see appendix 26, only valid within the European Union).

 for sticks  37±2 mm x 15±2 mm
 for facemasks  45 x 19 mm
 for goals and rinks  90 x 38 mm


   Certification marking for Goals, Rinks and Facemasks.
   Certification marking for sticks. (layout of the self printed colour version)
   Certification marking for sticks. (layout of the self printed grey scale version)
   Certification marking for sticks. (layout of the self printed black and white version)

XXXXXX  = The certification- or family certification- number of the stick.
YY  = The manufacturing year.
E.g.  105804/06 

Marking of stick

Stick manufactures are allowed to print the certification mark as a part of the Brand name / Model name sticker / print. The sticker / print must be performed in a resistant material, e.g. paper and similar materials are not allowed. The manufacturer is not allowed to change the dimension of the mark more then within below stated sizes, not change the design, colour, grey scale or black and white version of the mark. The background of the mark must not be white or transparent but have a good contrast to the IFF logotype, text and number, either it is performed in colour, grey scale or black and white. The number on the certification mark is to be the same as the sticks certification number or the family-certification number followed by manufacturing year.

Accounting report

Three time a year the manufacturers will have to send in accounting reports of the quantity of sold floorball sticks with certification marking during the periods Jan – April, May – August and Sep – Dec. The accounting report form will be available for downloading from our homepage. The manufacturers person authorized to sign for the company as well as the companies Certified public accountant has to sign the accounting report. The accounting report must be SP available within three weeks after each period.  See also section 4.6.4 concerning sanctions.

New IFF logo

During the period until next edition of Material Regulation (2008) the old IFF logo will be gradual replaces by the new IFF logo. The new official IFF certification mark design is now available for download, in various formats, on the Manufactures Information Web Site. For companies who have adopted the new marking system must not later than 1st of July 2008 use the new design.

Embossed mark for blades and balls


The new official IFF certification mark design for embossed marking of blade is now available for download, on the Manufactures Information Web Site. The font size has to be 5 mm. Companies have to adopted the new marking requirement not later than 1st of July 2010, see point 2.1.1.
Make sure that all new moulding tools manufactured after January 1 2008 is carrying the IFF-mark and all blades produced after July 1 2010 is carrying the IFF-mark.
Companies can apply for an exemption from the new marking for a period of maximum two years.



The new official IFF certification mark design for embossed marking of ball is now available for download, on the Manufactures Information Web Site. Companies have to gradual replaces the old embossed IFF logo, no final date yet decided. All new moulding tools for ball have to adopted the new marking requirement not later than
1st of July 2008.



Embossed Certification mark for blades and balls

Name of certificate holder

Name of certificate holder is to be printed on the sticks, goals and rinks. The name can be shown as company name and telephone No. and/or an internet address. The font size has to be readable and preferably be placed on the backside of the shaft. The font size for goals and rinks has to be readable and preferably be placed on the backside of the goal/rink. The rink corner sections need to be marked; all another rink sections are optionally. Companies have to adopted the new marking requirement not later than 1st of July 2008.
Companies can apply for an exemption from the new marking for a period of maximum two years.


An agreement has to be reached between SP and the supplier.

Supplier´s In-House Inspection

The supplier shall have an internal inspection system and shall, on request, provide details of the system. 

Period of Validity for Certificate

The period of validity for certificate is five years. The period of validity for family-certificates is two years. The holder of the certificate will be notified three months before the certificate is due to expire, and asked which certificates (if any) he wishes to be extended. The period of validity can be extended after application from certificate holder.

Modification of Certified Product

The holder of this certificate shall, before making any alteration to the design or materials, notify SP in writing of such intended alterations.  SP will decide on the resulting necessary response:  examples of such response include renewed testing and modification of the certificate.

A change of product name will result in a need to modify the certificate.
Certificates may show several names for the same product.


Family-certificate is a new kind of certificate, especially developed for companies with special requirements. A family-certificates is always based on two or more product certificates. The period of validity for family-certificates is two years.
E.g. family-certificates can be used when same model name is used on sticks with different shaft-constructions.

Floorball Accessories

Floorball accessories can, on voluntary basis, be accepted for sanctioned use together with certified Floorball equipment, under special circumstances. The special circumstances and technical requirement will be published on IFF Floorball Equipment web site in each specific case. The acceptance fulfils IFF’s requirements for using IFF’s logotype together with following
text “Recommended by IFF” on the specified Floorball accessories, package and promotion material. All up coming and accepted Floorball accessories will be listed on IFF’s Floorball Equipment web site. The list will show type of accessories and the limitation of use and/or a recommendation when to use it.

General Rules for the Floorball Stick 

Shaft/blade combinations between different brands are not legal. An exception to the rule is when a company is manufacturing more than one brand, but in such a case the combinations are tested and also certified. All legal combinations of shafts/blades can be found in the database for certified equipment on IFF’s homepage.
If a shaft is to be shorted; the shaft has to be shorted from the top of the shaft. It’s not legal to shortening the shaft from the bottom (shaft/blade connection point) of the shaft.

The communication to the customer regarding stick length has to be better and more uniformed. Today most brands communicate the shaft length as the stick length. IFF’s intention is that in the MR edition 2012 introduces the requirement that stick length (measured as described in MR) is the stick length to be communicated to the customer.


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