Where can I buy a Model "X" stick made by manufacturer "Y"?


Sorry - SP doesn't have lists of shops where you can buy each particular type. You'll have to get in touch with the manufacturer or supplier of the type of stick you're looking for.


Can I order floorball products from or through SP?


No - SP merely tests and certifies the products.


What's the telephone number of manufacturer "Y", and have they got a web site?


Go to the "Certified Equipment Database", where you'll find contact details. You can search by brand name or by manufacturer name.


How good is a Model "X" stick, and what are its test values?


You'll have to ask the manufacturer. SP tests equipment against the specified standards. If something passes the tests, it's approved: if it doesn't pass, it's failed. That's as far as our assessment goes: we don't test to see if one item is better or worse than another. All our test results are confidential, and are released only in the test report to the manufacturer concerned.


Can SP let me have any information on sticks, such as weight, type of shaft, price etc.?


No: you must contact the manufacturer for this sort of information.


Can I fit a blade made by "X" to a shaft made by "Y"?


Go to the "Certified Equipment Database", where you'll find a list of which blades are approved for each type of stick. If the combination you want isn't listed there, it means that that particular stick isn't approved for use in official matches or international matches.


I've got a floorball stick that's approved, but it hasn't got the IFF approval sticker on it. Can I order one from SP?


No. SP supplies the IFF approval stickers, on behalf of IFF, only to companies whose products are certified.


How are floorball products tested, and what are the requirements on them?


You can find a brief description of how they're tested, and what the requirements are, under the heading "Certification".

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